After putting the super-tough Continental Gatorskin tires on my bike I rarely get a flat anymore, but I still do remember how aggravating it was to puncture every few weeks riding the streets and bike paths of San Diego on the tires that originally came with the bike. So, whenever I have an afternoon off and nothing pressing to do I would strap a broom to my bike and go for a ride along some of the popular cycling routes around town and sweep puncture/crash-causing debris off the bike lane, road shoulder, and bike paths.

OB Bike Path at Sefton Field
Catalina Blvd at Dupont
Rose Creek Bike Path at Garnet Ave
Hey, I ride 200+ miles/week, so I benefit from keeping the bike lanes/paths around town clear of ickiness, too. If you happen to see me out sweeping, do give a little audio warning as you approach, though. Bicycles are pretty quiet and even though my MP3 player is generally not on while sweeping my ears are usually filled with street noise and the sound of the broom brushing against the pavement. I usually arrange it so that I'm facing on-coming bike traffic, but even with that, I get surprised by bikes that are suddenly there a lot. Yell a little hello or ring your bell from around 20 ft away so I would know to not be in your way (or to stop sweeping so you can pass without having to go through a cloud of dust).

Above all, though, ride defensively and be safe for yourselves and for others out there.

PS: If you spot broken glass or other nasty stuff on a bike path in San Diego City that need sweeping, feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Good going! I would do the same, but I don't want to get hit by a car. Hard enough just riding on city streets. Thanks!


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