Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rolling off

Hello. Hello.
This is the same Smorg from SmorgZone, actually, but the original blog was meant more for my classical music and opera musings, so I'm dumping my cycling stuff here instead to keep things a bit more organized.

People - cyclists included - tend to categorize cyclists as either a 'commuter' or a 'recreational' cyclist, but I am both! I haven't got a car anymore and now ride my bike practically everywhere. I started out on an old steel mountain bike with a temperamental gearing system, though have now graduated to a much lighter Aluxx frame roadie. I do miss the front suspension quite a bit riding the rough Californian roads, though the hills are much less painful to cycle over now.

Anyhow. Summer is here and my work load is currently light, so I'm riding a lot. Hopefully you have better things to do than to read cycling blogs, 'cause this one might be more active than decent for the next few months...