Cycling Safety Videos

Here are a few of my favorite good cycling safety tutorial videos:

1. Basic 'vehicular cycling'. (Applicable more to city riding than on narrow country lanes)

2. Riding in traffic (a good demo).

3. How to change lane/merge while group riding.

4. Why you should NEVER ride in door zone. [Graphic, but necessary viewing]

5. Group riding (signaling and stuff)

6. How to trigger the traffic light with your bike.

Most sensitive spots on loop sensors. Graphic by
See explanation of how inductive loop sensors (the thing that tells the traffic light that you are there, so turn on the green light!) works and where to put the bike to maximize your chance of detection HERE.

Some loop sensors are just not tuned to be sensitive enough to detect bicycles (especially the mostly non-metal ones), however. In which case, please note their locations and then report them to the Street Division so that traffic engineers could come out to recalibrate them to detect bicycles (CA law does require loop sensors to detect bicycles!).

Report traffic light sensors within San Diego City Limit
Report traffic light sensors in San Diego County (outside of City Limit)

Request street sweeping within the San Diego City Limit (if you run into broken glass, gravels & other hazardous debris in road way or on bike lane/path).


  1. Hi, just saw your incident report with the guy from NJ. I can bet the only reason he changed his tune was that you got some good video of him.... it's the main reason I have a gopro now.
    Speaking of taking the lane, I had a similar incident out on Mission Bay rd (@ Garnet), where I went to the front of the left turn lane to go EB on Balboa. The guy I got in front of didn't like the fact I parked myself in front of him, first mouthing a few things I couldn't hear, and then squealing his tires after he made his left. It was comical. You and I don't do this to be annoying, but for safety reasons. We need to be seen, and it's harder for a bike to be seen in a sea of cars.
    In the meantime, I'll check out your blog. Might give me some good ideas.

    1. Thanks, DN!

      Yup, Mission Bay Dr at Garnet is another icky intersection for bicycles. I make that turn often to get to southbound Morena Blvd from Santa Fe Ave (it's a faster way home than going to Rose Creek Path and E Mission Bay Dr. Besides, I don't do Rose Creek path after dark).

      I generally just stay in line with the cars rather than going to the front, tho. I take off as fast as any car, and they generally slow at the turn (I wonder if people get into head on collisions making left turn there... it's so tight!), so I'm usually in flow with traffic... Then of course, I hit the hideously potholely right lane on eastbound Garnet and it becomes very unpleasant until I can turn off onto Morena. :oP

      I wish the law would make it mandatory for people to have to commute by bike for at least 2 weeks before they can get their driver's license... Then drivers would have a much better idea of what bicycles have to deal with and maybe most of them would quit being so belligerent. (Most bicyclists also drive, so we know what it's like driving).

      Thanks for stopping by. Safe riding around town!


Thanks for stopping by. Be safe on the roads!