Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Untruth in advertising...

Riding bicycle 150 miles each week is pretty effective at keeping me from pudging up like a soaked Sponge Bob so far, though I wish people would quit telling me that all that riding means that I can now eat anything I want. It's true that I can now down the deliciously fatty Carl's Jr Double Bacon Cheeseburger every now and then without immediately trying to spill out of my jeans, but every pounds that I can shave off and keep off (without re-speedily introducing by way of psych-soothing fast food) also make the many steep or long (or both) hills around town a lot easier to cycle up.
A 'Hey, look at skinny me eating this fatty burger' poster at a Carls' Jr Restaurant.
I really dislike those promo posters at fast food places like Carls' that have outrageously skinny models pretend to put an arterial-clogger burger into their mouth. I don't believe for a minute that those beautiful models would stay in the shape that they are if they actually regularly eat the burger that they're advertising. Neither do I believe that those sexy women with shiny curly hair that do hair products commercials got their beautiful hair from using the products they're trying to sell. Rather, the hair product companies are hiring people with naturally beautiful hair to pose with the company's hair products for pay.

And so on and so forth. So, I think burger joints ought to shape up and hire pudgy people to feature in their burger ads for them. It may not make their burger look sexy, but at least it would be more believable.

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