Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May is National Bike Month!

Well, this month is National Bike Month. How are you celebrating? I had been looking for a way to celebrate it, but it was hard going since I'm already on my bike riding around town most days of the week both for commuting and for fun. Then last Friday I took the trash out and found this sturdy blue plastic broom and had an idea; I'd ride just as often as I already do, but once a week I'll strap the broom onto the bike and use it to clear the bike lane/path of debris that could cause punctures or crashes!

So here it is, the Smorgish blue broomcycle.

And the first broomcycle ride last Friday was along to popular 'Cabrillo route' from Liberty Station to Cabrillo National Park.

Catalina Blvd in the naval base area to Cabrillo is always prone to fingers of sand/dirt slides in the bike lane that force cyclists out onto the traffic lane, so that was my main objective, along with the intersections on northbound Catalina (they are always full of gravel debris that fan into the road).

This week I finally got round to that gravel-derby that is the eastern terminus of the Ocean Beach Bike Path. It's adjacent to Sefton Field, the baseball field with its gravel parking area. Cars can be so messy when transitioning from gravel to pavement!

Further west along the OBBP there often are spots of sand on the path, and some nastier (spill-inducing) stuff at the underpasses (sometimes the homeless folks that live there leave some broken glass bottles on the path, and you would often spot them too late because it's dark down there).
I was even well rewarded for my broomcycling effort! The sun came out and the air warmed up, and once I came out of the underpasses the view along the San Diego River was really to sweep for!


  1. Hey. Was that you I saw the other day sweeping the underpass on Rose Creek bike path? Thanks a million, man!


  2. Hi JD,
    Probably. :o) You're welcome! Happy to do it. Both two flats I've had this year came from riding through one of those underpasses, so I was sort of fed up with it. :o)


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