Monday, June 17, 2013

Things You See When Riding Slowly Through The Great Western Loop

Some cyclists ride fast for the adrenaline rush or for challenging exercise or for Strava placing. I ride leisurely for the view... And here are some views you might miss if you speed around the scenic Great Western Loop as if being tail-gated by a homicidal oil tanker:
Yup, real life peacocks... Quite domesticated and watched over by a pair of cute goats.
There are some bike lovers living up in the mountains!
Rock, we do!
And we smile our way up the hill, too!
You've passed it a zillion time, but have you actually visited Loveland Reservoir?
The Japatul punishment is nearly over when you see this...
Oink if you approve!
Barrett Lake & Valley... you miss it going CCW because the view is behind you, you miss it going CW because you're busy enjoying the curvy & fast downhill.

Embrace the view!

Well, okay, a bit of off-route exploration required to find this place. But why keep doing the same route as if it's a rut. Explore a little!
It's almost a crime punishable by multiple tire punctures to roll on thru Lyons Valley without stopping to check in with Black Jack across from the trading post!
Above all, though, be nice to every GWL denizen 'cause you're always being watched like a hawk!


  1. So, where is that stoned wall with heavy gate? Off Lyons Valley Rd - where?


  2. Hi Soren,
    Explore for it, young man. It's within a stone's throw of the trading post... but not visible from Lyons Valley Rd. ;o)


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