Tuesday, May 13, 2014

National Bike To Work Day This Friday

Feel like trying out bicycling to work for a day but also a bit scared of riding in traffic? This Friday (May 16th) is National Bike to Work Day and there will be lots (more) of other people on bike out and about. A good time for a try out if you are bike-commute curious!

Get on your bike for a day and join a happy commuting crowd this Friday!
Aside from there being more cyclists around (there is more safety in number! Drivers see more bikes on the road and look for us more), many local business and bike advocates are putting up free pit stops on cycling routes around town to make your bike commute even more pleasant! Check out the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition page for map of pit stops in San Diego area. Some pit stops even offer bike repair & tune up to make sure your machine runs properly!

UPDATE: 15 May 2014: Due to conditions of the local State of Emergency and the wildfire situation, all official Bike to Work Day events are POSTPONED to May 30th.

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