Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 On The Bike

 Thanks to COVID19 pandemic, which hit San Diego in March, 2020 has been a rather bust year for venturing out for exotic adventure rides in the country. I did sneak a few good ones in before going into shut down (just riding solo locally) mode, and even made some new cycling friends... though we probably wouldn't recognize each other without the mask and the helmet on!

I'm grateful that my riding groups (Swami Cycling and Girlz Gone Riding - San Diego) are made of responsible people who value the good of the community over short-term gratification and haven't organized any group ride since the first stay-at-home order in March. It's a matter of perspectives. This pandemic, like many other national/global crises before it, will pass. It won't kill anyone to just ride solo for a while and to not take the risk of needing medical care just when our medical infrastructure is on the brink of breaking. 

The vaccines are rolling out, and there's summer on the other side of winter. Hang in there, and we'll all be out adventuring and cheering each other up and down the hills again soon! 

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